Uncle Joe’s Story

Joe and Mary Lou purchased this building in 1961, but before Uncle Joe’s opened it’s doors it was home to a few other businesses over the years. Back in the 30’s and 40’s Van Tassel’s Grocery Store was located where our dining rooms are now.

Our front lobby was a candy store called Penny Antie’s. Hanging on the wall as you enter is a sketch of Penny Antie. Penny Antie’s then became Noonan’s Liquor Store, which stayed until 1978 when Uncle Joe’s started. The grocery store side was rented by two hard working Italian boys who started a dry cleaning business called Sindoni’s Modern Cleaners. They stayed until it was time for Uncle Joe’s to make room for more customers. In 1981 an archway was put in the wall and room was made for more tables and booths. We added to the pizza and sub menu to include salads, chicken wings, calzones, etc. In 1985 Uncle Joe’s was still gaining in popularity as a favorite eating spot for Genevans and nice folks in the surrounding areas. So, we decided to remodel our “junk box folding room” into what is now our Victorian style dining room and we opened our kitchen to the public eye. Our customers were requesting spaghetti to go with our already popular meatballs and sauce, so we did it again , and added some pasta dishes.

This brings us to the present day. All six children have been put through college, and two of our boys, John and Louie manage our ever increasing business. John is at Uncle Joe’s and Lou at our newest addition, Nonna’s Trattoria. Joe and Mary Lou don’t have to work as hard now but are still very involved in the businesses. We hope you have enjoyed our story. We are very interested to know if you enjoyed your food, service and atmosphere. Please feel free to comment. Your comments are welcomed and appreciated. As always our customer and friends are very important to us .

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The Cosentino Family
Uncle Joe, Mary Lou, Bill, John, Rosemary, Susan, Louie and Karen

I could go on as most are married with children but you want to get home tonight.